Working With Employment Agencies Los Banos CA

Career experts offer tips for job candidates who are considering seeking the services of a commercial employment agency.

Grauss & Company
(415) 777-5656
425 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

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Plus Group
(408) 778-7500
16999 G Momterey Rd
Morgan Hill, CA

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Pro Staff
(714) 937-3224
2401 E Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

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Andiamo! Group
(415) 374-8181
44 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA
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Admin & Clerical, Sales, Finance

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Teleforce International
(949) 661-3337
PO Box 3175
San Clemente, CA

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Quality Services
1730 Technology Dr
San Jose, CA

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Butler International, Inc. In Milpitas
(888) 274-8400
860 Hillview Court
Milpitas, CA
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Optimus Group
(714) 979-0410
3303 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA

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Pacific Technical Staffing, Inc
(949) 261-8200
17900 Sky Park Circle
Irvine, CA

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Urpan Technologies Inc
(408) 245-0006
333 Cobalt Way
Sunnyvale, CA

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Working With Employment Agencies

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You may be a job candidate who is considering seeking the services of a commercial employment agency. There are an estimated 20,000 such firms in the United States, and distinguishing the type and quality of services they offer is no simple task. First of all, many labels are used interchangeably: executive search firms, personnel consultants, headhunters, outplacement firms, employment agencies-to name a few. The industry is further complicated by its questionable reputation and lack of regulation.

The following descriptions of the four basic types of third-party recruiting may offer some understanding:

  • Outplacement Organizations They accept money from individuals (private outplacement), or from corporations sponsoring individuals (corporate outplacement), to conduct job campaigns for displaced employees. The fee is paid up front (retained fees) and the firm markets the individual (candidate marketing).
  • Employment Agencies Working primarily with candidates who seek their services, these organizations market the candidates to employers who can potentially use their skills. Fees are earned either from the candidate (applicant paid fees) or the employer (employer paid fees), but only after the candidate is successfully placed in a position (contingent fees).
  • Contingent Search Firms Instead of depending on walk-in or mail-in candidates, they custom locate (recruit) candidates and are paid by the employer upon successful assignment completion (contingent fees).
  • Retained Search Firms Like contingent search firms, retained search firms recruit candidates for their corporate clients, but are either paid up front or on a progress basis (retained basis).
  • ...

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