Top 5 Recycling Centers Lemoore CA

If you require recycling services in Fresno, take a look at our recommendations.

Hertz Energy Services
(707) 747-4444
5251 Industrial Way
Benicia, CA
M-F 7a-5p

Hertz Energy Services
(661) 392-3661
6315 Snow Road
Bakersfield, CA
M-Th 7a-4:30p, F 7a-5p

Energy Calculation Services
(530) 894-8466
574 Manzanita Ave Ste 1947
Chico, CA
Angelo Utilities
(916) 786-2026
9190 Jackson Rd
Sacramento, CA
59 Minute Service
(800) 883-5663
Normal Hts
Sacramento, CA
Hertz Energy Services
(310) 233-5015
22422 S. Alameda Street
Carson, CA
M-F 7a-4:30p

Otto H. Rosentreter Co.
(562) 946-3381
13039 East Florence Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA
East Bay Municipal Utility District
(916) 443-6948
1127 11th St
Sacramento, CA
Angelo Utilities Inc
(916) 361-6300
9190 Jackson Rd
Sacramento, CA
Utility Consulting & Design
(415) 621-9100
473 Pine St
San Francisco, CA

Top 5 Recycling Centers

Allan Company Fresno Recycling Center The Allan Company was established in 1963 and since then it has offered recycling bins and recycling pickup services to commercial customers and governmental agencies. Its recycling services are designed to help companies establish recycling programs and municipalities meet their diversion and recycling goals. In addition to serving large entities, the Allan Company also provides recycling to the general public in California through its recycling facilities. The company’s recycling centers buy recyclables and use their single stream curbside processors to turn the materials into finished products, which are then sold to consumers. Electronic Recyclers International Electronic Recyclers (ERI) is a recycling company that specializes in recycling electronic waste and has locations in Fresno as well as several others across the U.S. The company recycles products like computer monitors, CRT screens, printers, copiers, keyboards, faxes, stereo systems, telephones and much more. They are working to deal with e-waste issues, particularly the problem of disposing cathode ray tubes from computer monitors, TV sets and other video display screens because CRTs contain lead, which is hazardous to the environment. ERI works with companies and communities to organize pickups and collection events and has an outreach program that aims to involve community members in the effort to solve the e-waste problem. Cedar Avenue Recycling & Transfer Station (C.A.R.T.S.) The Cedar Avenue Recycling and Transfer Station is a recycling center that serves Fresno and the surrounding area and is owned by Orange Avenue Disposal Company. The center itself has been running since 2003, but the disposal company has been in existence since 1941 when Frank S Caglia purchased the city landfill. The recycling center accepts items like household trash, construction demolition materials, wood, tires, large items (sofas, mattresses, refrigerators, etc.) and more. There are fees associated with dropping off recyclables and CARTS does not accept hazardous materials like motor oil, PCBs, contaminated soil, paint and fluorescent tubes. Sunset Waste Systems Sunset Waste Systems has been in the recycling business since 1969 when John Mohoff Sr. started the company. The business offers a wide range of recycling solutions for individuals, communities and companies like collection services, a material recovery facility, a transfer station, a buyback center and e-waste disposal services. For all customers, Sunset Waste Systems offers temporary and permanent programs. For their residential clients the company does weekly collection of refuse and recycling as well as walk-up and drive-in services. For commercial and industrial clients, the company offers a large range of container options and service plans that can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Recyco Inc & Skee’s Recycling Recyco Inc and Skee’s Recycling are two recycling centers that work together under owner and Chief Financial Officer Rebecca Morlock, each with a location in Fresno. Both centers are open seven days a week and customers can bring a variety of recyclable materials to both of these locations. Recyco Inc’s recycling center location accepts things like aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard, paper, stainless steel, cell phones, TVs, computers and household scrap, among other things. Those who visit Skee’s Recycling center can bring scrap and salvage, non-ferrous scrap, electronics, copper, brass, batteries and more. Disclaimer: This list represents an opinion by DirectoryM staff and in no way is meant to imply actual quality and rank of the company in this industry.