To-Dos For Landing A Summer Internship Los Banos CA

If you want a summer internship, you need to start planning at the previous year's end. Here's a five-step plan.

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To-Dos For Landing A Summer Internship

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Sad, perhaps, but true: If you want a summer internship, you need to start planning at the previous year's end. In some cases, application deadlines are only weeks away. You need to remember that fellow students nationwide are competing for the same internships, and before you know it, you'll be swamped with your spring-semester courses and activities. You need to act now.

Here's a five-step plan to help you during this crucial time.

Step One: Evaluate and Plan

  • On your own or with your school career counselor's help, identify the key skills and essential experiences an internship could provide.
  • Determine what geographic range you'll consider.
  • Pinpoint when you'll be able to start an internship, given your classes and other commitments.
  • Choose a few broad areas of interest to help you begin researching internship possibilities.

Step Two: Explore and Examine

  • Explore your internship options by talking to a career counselor; chatting with your instructors, fellow students and alumni; paging through internship directories at your campus library or bookstore and checking out internship Web sites.
  • Develop three internship possibility lists: your top-priority dream internships, second-best and third place, but still acceptable, position.
  • Read and talk to people to help research your top-priority and second-best internships in depth.
  • Ask your career counselor, instructors and fellow students if there are any internship opportunities or organizations you've overlooked.
  • ...

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