Tips for Interns Corcoran CA

Some guerrilla tips to help get the most out of your internship and advance your career.

Jobs Resource Unlimited
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700 N Irwin
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Jobs Resource Unlimited
(559) 583-6055
700 N Irwin
Hanford, CA

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SoftDev LLC
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36 Falcon Ridge Dr
Pomona, CA

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Redshack & Associates
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Global Resources Group
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San Diego, CA

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All Health Services
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Staff Management
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Baldwin Park, CA

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Eastridge Infotech
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5650 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA

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Riviera Partners
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1700 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA

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Yashco Systems Inc
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Saugus, CA

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Tips for Interns

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  1. Don't be afraid to talk with people.
  2. Don't be intimidated because you are a student. People are sometimes too busy to roll out the red carpet so you have to make the first move to talk with coworkers and supervisors.

  3. Ask for things to do.
  4. Don't wait to be told what to do. Solving problems and taking initiative are the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

  5. Learn all you can about the industry.
  6. Talk with people in different departments as well as clients and vendors.

  7. Read everything you can get your hands on.
  8. You won't find everything you need to know in the training manual. Reading contracts, letters, memos, press releases and trade publications will help you become informed on all elements of the business.

  9. Don't gripe about the grunt work.
  10. There is always something more to learn. How long you do grunt work depends on what you make of it. Everything has a purpose, so learn how the small tasks fit into the big picture.

  11. Milk the fact that you are a student.
  12. As a student, you aren't threatening and can have more access and opportunities than a full-time employee. Everyone wants to help a student learn.

  13. Hitch your wagon to a star.
  14. Learn from the people who are the superstar performers and most respected individuals in the office.

  15. Get in the information loop.
  16. Decisions aren't always made in a conference room.

  17. Ask to attend meetings and events.
  18. You will learn how things really get done.

  19. Don't burn any bridges.
  20. You never know when you will see someone later in your career.


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