Shimano Jigging Rods Clovis CA

What's in a Jigging Rod? With the popularity of deep jigging, you may wonder what sets Shimano Trevala jigging rods apart from the other Shimano rods. The answer is plain and simple-everything.

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Shimano Jigging Rods

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Shimano Trevala: Shimano Rods For Jiggers

Author: Stacy Carolin

What's in a Jigging Rod?

With the popularity of deep jigging, you may wonder what sets Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods apart from the other Shimano rods. The answer is plain and simple-everything. Shimano Trevala does not require long casting and the style takes place generally in a vertical plane. They guarantee proper tip action allowing heavy lures to work effectively even far below the boat. Shimano Trevala also boosts strength in hooking up lured fish from the depths.

What Is Jigging?

Jigging is the application of fishing using a jig. A jig is one of the many types of fishing lure. It's a weighted hook with its lead head found opposite its sharp tip. They are usually covered with plastic worm in order to catch the fish's attention. The jerky, vertical movement of the jig sets it apart from the other lures. The evolution of fishing into a sport made a significant effect on the entire fishing industry. Anglers or the fishing enthusiasts continuously experiment on new tactics to make the sport more fun and challenging. When such technique becomes popular, it signals the manufacturers of fishing equipments and gears to design a specialized tackle fit for the fishing style. When deep jigging became popular, Shimano Trevala immediately came out with their jigging series. With the constant development of the sport itself, the right tools like Shimano Trevala is likewise following the lead.

Helpful Tips in Deep Jigging

Choosing the right grip length of your Shimano Trevala is advisable. Although an ideal length is thirteen inches, it still depends on the technique of jigging used. For underarm jiggers, a fourteen to sixteen inch grip will be the best since the Shimano rod is placed under the armpit first while working on the jigs. But for jiggers who jig from fighting belts, a twelve inch grip is typically used. Anglers have no worry in choosing the right grip because Shimano Trevala has a wide range for you to choose from.

Jigging rods should provide a medium to fast action for a better tip action. When the rod is pumped, the tip should be able to recover at a pace that would keep the head of the rod moving towards a vertical position. If the tip comes at a slower rate, the Shimano Trevala jigging rods will lose the desired action and thus will not draw a strike. Jigging rods should neither be too loose nor too stiff to be able to get the necessary response. The right material of an ideal jig is what Shimano Trevala offers. Shimano rods are not only comfortable to use, but they are also an effective tool in tasks such as fighting, jigging, and setting the hook.

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