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Many Surfers Using Proxy Servers Often Complain That Their Proxy Servers Do not Work at Their Office or School Computers Because Their System Administrator is Blocking Their Web Proxies. the Only Way to Stop This is to Make or Set Up Your Own Proxy Server. a Web Hosting Service Provider Maintaining a Php or Cgi Must Host Your Proxy Server With No Additional Fees.

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Setting Up a Proxy Server

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Many surfers using proxy servers often complain that their proxy servers do not work at their office or school computers because their system administrator is blocking their Web proxies. The only way to stop this is to make or set up your own proxy server. A Web hosting service provider maintaining a PHP or CGI must host your proxy server with no additional fees. Before you start, you must first download a copy of a PHP or CGI proxy. To set up a CGI proxy, your Web host must first be CGI-enabled. However, not all free hosters provide CGI. It will also help you if you have little sets of pre-installed scripts. It is also important to enable the hoster before the installation begins. After doing the steps mentioned above, you may start downloading and uploading a CGI proxy to a local directory. You can start modifying different settings once the downloaded file has been opened. An example of this is the setting up of the script in such a way that only texts are allowed to go or pass through the proxy. This means that no images will be displayed. Check the file, change the options and then save the newly created file. After doing so, the script may be uploaded to the CGI’s directory. If you open the Web browser, you may start surfing the Internet anonymously. If you want to validate your concealed identity while browsing, you can open websites, such as, and check if the displayed IP is the IP in the installed server script. If the IP is the same as your computer’s IP, there must be something wrong along the process. You might have to go back to square one. However, if the IP addresses are different, you can start browsing the Internet without worrying about your security and privacy. A PHP proxy on the other hand, must be unloaded to a home index located in the hard drive. After doing so, the script must be uploaded to the Web space. You must then open a new URL and check if it is working properly. Some filters might not allow or forbid files containing the word proxy in the file name. To avoid these filters, the file must be renamed. Remember to enter the client’s IP when opening the script to make sure that only your client can append or hook up an .htaccess file to the system directory. This will require everyone who wants to start the script to key in their username and password.About the Author:

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