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Using an ebook reader stocked with ebooks is also easier to travel with. They are far more useful for business meetings, quick reference in class, and for pulling out when you find that spare minute to read.

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Portable Ebook Readers

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Will Portable Ebook Readers Explode In Popularity Like The Ipod?

Author: Travis Van Slooten

It seems like MP3 players like the iPod have always been popular. Walk around any town and you're likely to see people, young and old, with the familiar white earbuds in their ears. Since our society is moving to such a digital and downloadable format, can we expect the same thing to happen with books?

If you have a look at Amazon's Kindle web page or Sony's Sony Reader web page, the answer is quite clear. There are some companies that are pulling hard for wider usage of digital books. If you look at the sales numbers, however, the answers aren't so clear. Physical book sales make up the vast majority of book sales in total.

It seems that the majority of those who read books aren't quite ready to totally make the switch. This might be because they prefer the feel of having a book in their hands, they aren't ready to fork over the money for some of the higher priced machines, or they are just wary of investing in technology when what they are using now is 'working fine.'

Still, it did take a while for MP3's to take off as well. Once they did, they REALLY did. If those past trends are any indication, it's what we can expect this time around as well. Part of the reason for that is because there are so many great features that come along with reading via ebook.

For one thing, you can store an awful lot of books on those devices. The space-saving feature alone is worth it for many people. You can also factor in the cost savings. Once you've purchased the device you can save a lot of money by buying digital versions of books rather than physical versions. It's also great because instead of waiting until you can find the time to go to the store, you can have what you want in just a few clicks.

Using an ebook reader stocked with ebooks is also easier to travel with. They are far more useful for business meetings, quick reference in class, and for pulling out when you find that spare minute to read. Every book you need is literally right there at your fingertips instead of back on a bookshelf somewhere where you can't access them all the time.

Is this enough for most people to make the switch? It probably will be in the future. As more books become available and more advanced (and less expensive) devices make their way onto store shelves you can expect it to become more mainstream. Thought, it's not exactly like the industry is hurting now! The costs of selling ebooks is insanely low, which benefits companies and consumers.

Some people will want to buck the trend for sure. There is something nostalgic about the smell of old library books. Still, convenience, cost, and the 'cool' factor usually trump things like nostalgia. As our world becomes more and more digital, book lovers will likely make the leap as well.

Are you ready to take the leap into the digital book world? Get reviews of the hottest portable ebook readers here to see which device is best for you. Be sure to take a look at the kindle vs sony ebook reader comparison as these are the two most popular devices currently available.

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