Performing Raw Hard Drive Recovery Coalinga CA

When you try to access data from your computer hard drive, you may encounter certain error messages and the drive is displayed as RAW.

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Performing Raw Hard Drive Recovery

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How To Perform Raw Hard Drive Recovery

Author: Simpson Raid

When you try to access data from your computer hard drive, you may encounter certain error messages and the drive is displayed as RAW. In such situations, your important files and data can not be accessed from the drive.

When your hard drive is shown as RAW, it might show you the following symptoms:

"Invalid media type reading drive." Error message

"Sector not found" error message while accessing any file.

"Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

File names contains strange characters.

In such situations, you need to opt for RAW Hard Drive Recovery. You can effectively achieve that with Hard Drive Recovery software that are specifically designed to meet recovery requirements of different users.

These software are capable of extracting your lost, missing or inaccessible hard drive partitions/volumes and complete data. Hard Drive Recovery software are generally easy to use and enable you to have ‘Do It Yourself’ data recovery.

You shoud only select hard drive recovery software that offers RAW Hard Drive Recovery support. RAW data recovery is used on hard drive file system’s logical structure corruption that causes serious issues (even post correction like index correction by chkdsk) or when logical structure gets overwritten. The RAW recovery process is carried out as the critical file system information about each file as name, type, size, number of clusters (for large files), location and more. In case of corrupted directory structures and missing file information, it is impossible to recover the original file and folder names as they are not available. So, the regular tools for data recovery do not work in this situation.

The scan method used by RAW data recovery incorporates sequential reading of all sectors on the drive using file signature search algorithm. Almost all file types have unique file header and at times footer signatures. It provides the great option of extracting the confined data that lies within the file header and footer.

Hard Disk Recovery software offered by Stellar Information Systems Limited are the best solutions for all your data loss problems. These software allow you to get your precious data back by carrying out RAW Hard Drive Recovery in few simple steps. With commanding scanning abilities, you would get incredible results with these software. You can get Stellar’s Hard Drive Recovery software for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, BSD and Novell Netware operating systems.

About the Author:

Simpson Raid is a freelancer for Stellar which offers data recovery software and file recovery programs for different OS and file system.

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