Mountain Climbing Equipment Fresno CA

Mountains do not forgive mistakes. It is unforgivable to think that you don’t need a beacon or to have no idea what the beacon is and when you have to use it.

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Mountain Climbing Equipment

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The Equipment You Need To Have

Author: Iavor Angelov

Mountains do not forgive mistakes. It is unforgivable to think that you don’t need a beacon or to have no idea what the beacon is and when you have to use it. Anyway, what you need to know is that the following equipment is needed when you are traveling in the mountains:

- Beacon – is an avalanche transceiver. People call it also a beeper. When caught in an avalanche, the beacon helps you to locate the victim. There are two types of beacons – analog and digital. Analog beacons are more sensitive but in order to use them effectively, you need certain training. To use digital beacons is easier and they need less time to discover the victim. If there is only one person caught, only one person of the rescue team should search with a beacon. If there are more, the group should be divided and everybody should follow different signal.

- Avalanche shovel – it helps you to dig out the victim caught in an avalanche. After an avalanche, the snow becomes very hard and very difficult and ineffective to dig with hands. You should remember that not having a shovel can cost somebody’s life.

- Avalung – is a device that draws the breath of a buried person over larger area and pushes the exhaled CO2 behind. This way the victim gets more time to be discovered.

- ABS - is an Airbag Safety System – when caught in an avalanche, the airbags on the back of the victim helps to be discovered.

- First aid kit - helps you to perform first aid if necessary – the victims most probably have some injuries.

There are some other devices which contain GPSs but they can be activated only if the victim survives the avalanche. A mobile phone with GPS also can be used. Whatever you use, bear in mind that this equipment does not prevent avalanches. It just helps you to survive or to help the ones who are caught in an avalanche.

There are some safety rules you need to follow as well:

Although when you travel alone there is less chance to get caught in an avalanche, do not travel alone since if caught, no matter what experience you have and what equipment you carry, you will have less chance to be rescued. Never take with you people that don’t have rescue equipment. You do not want to be responsible for their lives if something happens, do you? Mountains are very serious thing and your attitude should be serious. Having the above mentioned equipment does not guarantee your safety. If you don’t know the route well, ask for an experienced guide who knows it. Before traveling make sure that you know very well the present conditions, plan your route considering the climate changes (if there are any), snowfalls, temperature changes etc. Whoever your guide is, make your own evaluation as well. Make sure that the equipment of every member of your group works properly.

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