Motorcycle Shopping Fresno CA

Know what to expect before you go shopping for your first bike.

Mathews Harley Davidson Inc
(559) 233-5279
548 North Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA
Cycle Gear #12
(559) 221-7600
4455 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA
Wilson`S Motorcycles
(559) 237-0215
443 Broadway
Fresno, CA
Clawson Motorsports
(559) 435-5020
6334 North Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA
Freedom Rider of Fresno
(559) 322-4647
02 East Barstow Avenue
Fresno, CA
American IronHorse

Wilson's Motorcycles
(559) 237-0215
443 Broadway
Fresno, CA
Authorized dealer,Service

Bmw Of Fresno Motorcycles
(559) 229-7892
4646 North Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA
Wilsons Motorcycles
(559) 237-0215
443 Broadway
Fresno, CA
Clawson Kawasaki
(559) 435-5000 Phone
6334 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA
Clawson Honda Of Fresno
(559) 435-5000
6334 North Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA

Motorcycle Shopping

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Not to belabor the obvious, but if you've never owned a motorcycle, promise yourself that you'll look into one of the 1,500 rider courses offered by the Motorcycle Safely Foundation.  A lot can happen when you're riding a motorcycle and some of it's not good. So take the time to learn how to ride it right. You'll find more information on safety courses at

Decide What You Want

As you probably know, there are any number of different types of motorcycles: touring, cruiser, sport, standard, dual purpose, motocross and enduro bikes.

Whichever you choose, there are a number of things to consider when shopping for a bike.

1. Does it fit?  Sit on it and see if the seat height is right. Ideally, you should be able to straddle the bike with both feet flat on the floor with your knees slightly bent.

2. Is it too heavy?  If you were to drop the bike, could you pick it up yourself?  Can you balance it when stopped?

3. Is it reliable?  Here you'll want to do some homework and do some Internet research. In addition, ask friends who own bikes about their maintenance costs, performance problems and their overall satisfaction. 

4. Does it have what you need?  Again, do your homework. Decide what you're going to need in terms of engine size, fuel tank capacity, accessories, etc. In short, don't overdo it. Don't get carried away with a bunch of bells and whistles and end up with a bike that costs too much and has features you'll never use....

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