Mixed Martial Arts Competitions Merced CA

MMA is a difficult sport that uses a wide range of techniques from different martial art backgrounds. Anyone who wants to fight in MMA competitions must undergo a strict training regimen that will help them to get into shape.

Rayford Shorin-Ryu
(209) 631-2222
350 E. Yosemite Ave.
Merced, CA
Martial Art Styles
Karate, Kobudo, Shorin Ryu

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Ski Karate Dojo
(209) 384-3178
541 W Main St
Merced, CA
Martial Art Styles

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Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy
(415) 752-5555
2901 Clement St
San Francisco, CA
Martial Art Styles
Kung Fu

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International Tae Kwondo Ctr
(909) 693-5425
28780 Old Town Front St
Temecula, CA
Martial Art Styles
Tae Kwon Do

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
(909) 397-0712
181 W 2nd St
Pomona, CA
Martial Art Styles
Brazilian Jujitsu, Jujitsu

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United Taekwondo Academy
(209) 947-5425
1540 lilac ave
Merced, CA
Martial Art Styles
Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do

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Atwater Shotokan Karate School
(209) 358-4400
272 Broadway Ave
Atwater, CA
Martial Art Styles
Karate, Shotokan

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Secrease's Tae Kwon DO-Karate
(510) 653-0140
3212 Adeline St
Berkeley, CA
Martial Art Styles
Karate, Tae Kwon Do

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Action Kenpo-Karate Academy
(916) 456-4975
5706 Broadway
Sacramento, CA
Martial Art Styles
Karate, Kempo

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Norris Isshinryu Karate
(619) 561-9972
10205 Lake Jennings Park Rd
Lakeside, CA
Martial Art Styles
Isshin Ryu

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Mixed Martial Arts Competitions

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Author: nlwest21

MMA referred to as mixed martial arts has quickly become one of the most popular sport of fighting in men and women. Training for MMA competitions is a long-term and hard process. This is because you are utilising many distinct types of MMA techniques and working to get the best of your opponent.

It is serious to know that there are lots of unique methods when training for MMA - but this regimen is one of the most rewarding that you can utilize. This training style will aid you to work out every portion of your body. It will likewise include body building and cardio physical exercises.

Weight Training

To get the force you need from this unique workout lift weights that are low in reps. Execute high and fast reps with the weights. For example utilize 20 pound weights and do as many reps as you can within 40 seconds.


Running is a good way to increase cardio - but it shouldn't be your focus. It is advisable to make a few long runs two or three times during the week. You can also do short walks. For a heavier workout you can utilize rubber bands while you sprint.

Olympic Lifts

During MMA fights you will be moving around the ring the entire time. In order to punch your fighter or to take your them to the ground you will have to be quick. When doing Olympic lifting ensure not to utilize weights that are too heavy. Also make sure that a professional teaches you the correct way of doing this exercise. Executing these in the wrong way can cause injury.


This method of exercise helps to combine cardio workouts with body weight exercises. Ensure that the circuit rounds are more than or close to the length of each round you will be competing in.


It won’t do any good to fight in an MMA competition if you don't know how to perform the distinct techniques and are incapable to take any hits. The best way to build your strength is to acquire a partner that will spar with you and that understands how to fight MMA style. During these sparring sessions you need to wear the proper MMA training gloves and mouthpiece to protect yourself from injuries.

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When Training For The MMA you should always wear a protective mouthpiece and specific Gloves For MMA Training.

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