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Discusses the possibilities of turning your passion of the liberal arts field of study into a career. Offers specific career field examples including publishing, professional associations, nonprofit organizations, consulting and self-employment.

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Liberal Art Jobs

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One of the main advantages of majoring in a classic liberal arts discipline, such as philosophy, art history or sociology, is you graduate with a degree you can apply to almost any type of work.

But what if you're tired of hearing that? What if you chose your liberal arts major because you truly love the subject and want to get a job in that specific field? Are you doomed to a life of working your day job and catching up with your real passion at night and on weekends?

Not at all. While millions of jobs may not directly relate to your liberal arts major, some do. Here are some examples:

Publishing and Media

Remember all the textbooks and supplementary books you had to read as, say, a women's studies major? If you're good with words, why not put your degree to good use at a publishing company whose products are geared specifically to women's issues?

Also remember that a variety of national and local magazines target women. Writers and editors produce the content for these publications, and advertising and marketing professionals make sure it gets into the right people's hands.


One way for you to work in your field is to earn your master's degree and then your PhD so you can become a professor at a college or university.

It may be a long, difficult and expensive path, but if you're a knowledgeable, skilled teacher and researcher and you're willing to move to where the available jobs are, there's a decent chance you can make this work....

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