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If you want to make some money, then you need to get down to business. Lying in bed will not get you hired.

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Job Search Effort

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How much do you really know about getting a job? Is it all about going to every restaurant, mall or grocery store within a mile of your home and filling out an application? Sending out the same résumé, with only the names changed to protect the innocent? Or are you one of those lucky ones who will have the job come to you (hint: daddy's connection)?

Well, it doesn't work that way because getting a job is a job. If you want to make some money, then you need to get down to business.

Where to start

Start with you. You know yourself better than any employer could ever know you. If you're a people person, don't apply for a job as a ticket taker in a parking garage; you'll go nuts. If you're the quiet type, don't apply for a job in the emergency room; stress will be your best friend. You'll need to adapt, not the other way around.

Know what you want. Are you heavily involved in church or a fraternity? If there is an activity that is dear to you, taking a job that will leave little to no time for it will have you calling in or not showing up for work. Don't let that be how an employer (and future reference) remembers you.

Stay busy. Lying in bed will not get you hired. When I left my previous job, I was hurt by the way things ended, but to keep from dwelling on it I got busy. I spent more time with my nephew and volunteered to help clean the church I attend. Being around others keeps your mind clear to concentrate on the future, not the past....

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