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Deciding which job to take? Take benefits into consideration. Read on and get more information.

Nelson Staffing Solutions
(925) 933-0505
3478 Buskirk Ave
Pleasant Hill, CA

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Partners Consulting Services
(800) 887-5131
1590 Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA

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Vitrix Technologies
(415) 694-6240
1501 Mariposa St
San Francisco, CA

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(415) 732-1270
465 California St, Ste 475
San Francisco, CA

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Life Sciences Staffing
(925) 522-0991
4900 Westwood Way
Antioch, CA

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Talent Unlimited
1852 Columbia Dr
Ventura, CA

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Temporary Skills Unlimited
(707) 224-0752
902 Enterprise Way
Napa, CA

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(650) 483-6799
5007 Palmetto Ave
Pacifica, CA

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Culver Personnel Services
(415) 956-9911
22 Battery St Suite 888
San Francisco, CA

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Swan Solutions
(415) 986-6816
455 Vallejo St
San Francisco, CA

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Job Benefits

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It feels like all you’ve done for the past few months has been job hunting.  Nothing has materialized until, unexpectedly, two potential employers call within an hour.  They both want to hire you. Barnes, Inc is offering $65,000 annually, but with few benefits.  Noble Corp pays $60,000 initially, but lists impressive benefits.  You must decide by Friday.

When choosing a job, you need to look at more than just salary. You must evaluate benefits, too. 

The buck doesn’t stop here.

Salary is probably the first thing you’ll consider when offered a job. Many online resources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website, list pay ranges. Take into consideration that salaries are often higher in larger cities. Additionally, ask about cost of living increases and other pay raises, commissions, and bonuses.  Referral bonuses are especially common in healthcare careers with shortages, like nursing.

You need the assurance of insurance.

If you’ve priced health insurance, you certainly appreciate its inclusion in the employee benefits package. Medical expenses have been rising quickly and so has the cost to pay them; thus, the steep rise in health insurance premiums.  Many employers will pay your entire insurance premium. However, an increasing number are now deducting part of the cost from your paycheck.  Some policies offer dental and vision.  Having a baby may not be in your sh

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