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A job seeker's mind-set can be a real deal breaker in the eyes of employers. Here are examples on how to overcome them.

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Helpful Job Search Tips

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Your attitude could be killing your job search right now.

Sometimes, a job seeker's mind-set, especially if you've been searching for a while, can be a deal breaker in the eyes of employers. Here are four common examples taken from the Career Planning for College Students message board as well as some tips on how to overcome them.


From the Message Board: "I went to school for four years, and I think I deserve a good job."

What to Do? Think about what the word "deserve" really means. The definition breaks down into two parts:

  • You did or accomplished something that should be rewarded.
  • There's someone out there who agrees and is willing to reward you.

You need to come to terms with the second part of the definition. Yes, you've accomplished something by earning your degree and gaining skills and experience through internships or part-time jobs. But a prospective employer will ask, "So what? How are you any different from the millions of other people who have done the same thing?"

Employers are not interested in who deserves the job, but rather who is best for the position. Is this fair? You bet it is. It's a basic reality in the workplace, which means the longer you hang on to the "I deserve a job" attitude, the longer you'll go without a place to work.

Lack of Focus

From the Message Board: "I have no idea what I really want to do with my life after I graduate or any specific place I want to go. I am open to anything."...

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