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A financial fitness coach answers frequently asked questions about money, love and careers.

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FAQ About Money

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I have the pleasure of speaking to many college students across the country about money, credit, debt, romance and finance, and landing/keeping a job; I am often asked questions on and off the stage that many of you probably have wanted to ask or at least wondered about from time to time.

Over the next two issues I'll let you in on the most common questions I get about money, love and careers and how I've answered them. Who knows? I might just have the answer to your unasked question.

Either way, I hope my advice helps you to continue to become money-minded, saving-savvy and financially fit.


How do I clean up my credit report?

Unfortunately, there is no way to wipe your credit report clean if the information is factual; however, the best thing that you can do for a damaged credit report is to allow some time and space. The amount of time between one late payment and the next can be a big red flag for creditors. If you have a series of late payments and over-the-limit charges, then put the brakes on your credit card use until you can bring the balance well below the maximum allowable. Also, don't try to apply for any more credit while you're working on paying off what you already have, take a breather and allow the time and space to show that while you may have hit a rough patch the storm is over and smooth sailing is ahead. Also, a great book to help you get a grip on your finances is, "Your Credit Score" by Liz Pulliam Weston....

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