Double Stroller Protection Coalinga CA

If you pride yourself on being like your mailman, neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night will prevent you from outings with baby then the following accessories are just what you are looking for.

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Double Stroller Protection

If you pride yourself on being like your mailman…neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night will prevent you from outings with baby then the following accessories are just what you are looking for. From rain protection to illumination, these gadgets and gizmos will protect your children from all types of weather.


Feel free to take a delightful stroll in the rain with your children. There are now rain covers available that will fit over your double stroller. They have a clear plastic front so the children can watch the rain fall. In addition many have side ventilation netting to prevent moisture build up. Most of these protective rain covers are very easy to attach and remove from your double stroller. In addition they wipe clean with a sponge or damp rag.

Another simple means to keep your children dry is the all purpose umbrella. There are umbrella mounts available that clip to the side of your double stroller.

Snow and Cold

Specifically made for fun winter walks is a thermally insulated covering for the whole double stroller. It forms a barrier around the babies protecting them from the biting cold of winter. The fabric is water repellant and breathes to prevent stuffiness and moisture buildup. Many of these stroller covers also have a built in blanket to keep you children comfortable.

Another form of protection from the cold and snow is modern day bunting. With this protective barrier surrounding the baby, there is no need to bring along extra blankets and sweaters for the children. Its inner cotton fabric and outer cold resistant nylon shell will keep the children cozy and warm.

Another gadget to help keep the babies warm in their double stroller on a cold day is the foot muff. It is lined with a soft fleece and can be unzipped if the weather gets warmer.


With skin cancer being so prevalent in today's society, protecting infants from the sun as soon as they are born is vitally important. Unfortunately it is not wise to use sunscreen on infants. However, there are now sun protection covers available to go over your double stroller to keep out the dangerous rays of the sun. These covers will shield your childrens' eyes from the UV rays. In addition they protect the skin from the sun's cancer causing factors.


On of the most annoying outdoor elements is the pesky mosquito. It is not advisable to use mosquito repellant on infants. That is why there are mosquito nettings that will now cover the double stroller. The mesh is very fine and it is still easy for the children to look out and the parent to look in.

Dark of Night

There are now headlights available to add to your double stroller for those nighttime walks. The lights attach to the front of the stroller and are run using AAA batteries. They illuminate both the path in front of you and off to the sides for additional safety. They are easy to mount and to remove from your double stroller.

As you can see there are plenty of accessories available to make strolling with your children a year round activity. So feel free to get out there in any kind of weather and have fun!

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