Debt Management Program And Debt Consolidation Coalinga CA

A financial expert explains how a debt management program works.

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East Bay Financial Management
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Debtors Anonymous
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First California Federal Credit Union
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Fresno County Federal Credit Union
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Debt Management Program And Debt Consolidation

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Q: What is the difference between a debt management program and debt consolidation?

A: Debt management programs are used by individuals who have accumulated excessive amounts of consumer debt typically in the form of credit card debt. A debt management program combines credit counseling with other services such as negotiations with your creditors and the development of a repayment plan. A number of non-profit agencies and for-profit firms offer debt management services.  Many of these are highly reputable and offer a valuable service; others are less reputable and may charge you excessive fees or "voluntary" contributions. 

Before signing up with one of these firms, check the website for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( for further information on debt management programs. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau in your local community to see if any complaints have been lodged against the credit counseling firm that you are considering.

Debt consolidation may be part of a debt management program. Debt consolidation refers to consolidating the debt from multiple loans into one larger loan. Debtors do this to get a lower interest rate or for the convenience of making one monthly payment rather than a number of payments to different loan sources.  As in the case of debt management services, a number of firms offer debt consolidation loans.  Before taking this route, check the interest rate on the loan and associated fees.  Most important, do not use debt consolidation as an excuse to simply take on more debt. ...

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