DIY Solar Power at Home Tulare CA

DIY solar power & wind power guides show you how to build solar panels and wind turbines from materials most people can find at their local hardware stores.

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DIY Solar Power at Home

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DIY Solar Power at Home

Author: Gordon Brown

The year is 2009 and our environment is deteriorating faster than ever before. The automakers are forced to convert to renewable energies if they wish to survive and the power of severe storms is more incredible than ever before. On top of all that, the icecaps are melting and we're even cutting down our own rain forests. At the rate we're going, we'll be having some major environmental problems 30+ years down the road.

The proof is evident to most of us, but luckily we have the power to stop it. An ongoing trend is green energy and people are catching on. There are energy-efficient light bulbs, air conditioners, appliances, and much more. In this article I'd like to discuss one of the new green energy trends on the market, DIY solar power and DIY wind power.

Many people are interested in solar and wind power for their home for two primary reasons. First of all, you save money, and lots of it. If you're in an area that gets plenty of sun year-round or plenty of wind year-round then you're truly missing out. The other reason is to save our precious environment for our kids, grandchildren, and many more of our generations to come.

The first thing people turn toward when looking for solar and wind power for their home is a professionally built and installed system. However, these systems literally cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. The typical green energy go-getter (or family for that matter) cannot afford such a system. Not only are they expensive, but the services are hard to come by in some areas. But, what if you could build your own solar panels or your own wind turbines for a fraction of the cost?

It may sound impractical for DIY solar power and wind power because they are newer technologies and sound complex. Besides, where would you buy the materials or kits? Well, I've stumbled upon an online guide for DIY solar power and DIY wind power systems. Little to my knowledge, there are many available for purchase online and I'll share that information with you shortly. First, I'd like to talk about these guides a bit.

DIY solar power & wind power guides show you how to build solar panels and wind turbines from materials most people can find at their local hardware stores. Some people even get into the hobby of building these for fun or for neighbors. Although a DIY project still costs money, it's far cheaper than a professional job, and they easily pay for themselves over time. If you're a craftsman, your work can be as professional as a purchased solar panel system.

It all truly depends on where you live, but one wind turbine can generate a significant amount of electricity if you live around the plains. Solar panels on the other hand, you may need a few rigged together to get some decent wattage out of them. Some of the authors will claim you can actually sell any additional power that you generate back to your power company.

Considering you don't have a surplus of cash sitting in the bank for a professional solar power panel system, but you're interested in the continued effort to convert to green energy, save money in the long run, and increase the value of your house, give a DIY Solar power project a try, or at leasty a look, before pouring thousands into a professional system.

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Do it yourself green energy projects are affordable, cost-effective, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, not to mention its great for our planet! To learn more and pick up a FREE guide about solar energy, visit

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