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Easy Rack crane forks come in a number of specialized tine model designs that allow you to move almost anything on a pallet with your crane. Easy Rack sells three different types of crane forks custom designed for different tasks. Read on if you want to buy crane forks in Chowchilla.

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Crane Forks

Easy Rack crane forks come in a number of specialized tine model designs that allow you to move almost anything on a pallet with your crane. A number of key design features ensure safety and stability during loading and moving of materials. The self shifting, spring loaded pickup trolley built into each unit keeps both forks level when empty. The pickup trolley also maintains a focused center of gravity to keep the payload level during transport.

Other design features makes these crane forks ideal for a wide range of loading and moving requirements. The king post can be adjusted for load heights ranging from 48” on the low end to 68” on the high end. The adjustable stop allows crane forks to handle 36”, 40”, and 48” pallets. To stabilize the load, a 40” wide backstop provides support from behind. To handle exceptionally broad loads, crane forks can spread up to 40” apart.

Easy Rack sells three different types of crane forks custom designed for different tasks. Before we take a look at these models, however, it will help you better understand the advantages and benefits of these tools to look at the general features that they all share.

1. For one thing, all crane forks are forged to prevent them from breaking under stress and tapered to make them easier to insert into pallets and packages.

2. The vertical post of every unit features built in handles that allow workers to grip and guide crane forks into the load.

3. The pickup trolleys on these units can accommodate 5 ton hooks.

4. When the load is being carried, the fork tips tilt slightly upward to prevent them from sliding off.

5. When the load is released, the spring returns the trolley to the empty position.

6. To properly operate the trolley, always load a minimum of 500 to 750 lbs.

7. Never attempt to unload materials from a suspended pallet.

General Purpose Tines For Moving Standard Pallets are the design model most commonly used on construction sites. These crane forks are the best choice when you have a wide variety of materials that need to be lifted off the ground by a crane and moved. Measuring 46” each in length, they can easily handle standard 48” pallets.

Block Tines are made especially For Masonry Work and Bonded Block. Use these crane forks not only with pallets, but with a wide range of masonry supplies such as brick. (Sliding the forks together enables them to pick up loads of brick. They are ideally suited, however, to picking up and moving cubed and banded block.

Brick Tines are the best tool to use when moving packages of bricks that are not on pallets. These crane tines are made especially for picking up and moving 40” packages of bricks. The tines themselves measure only 39” for a special reason. This one inch difference keeps the end of the tine inside the brick package being moved and prevents it from protruding through to the other side and snagging other packages packed closely together. The forks themselves measure only 3” wide by 1 ½” thick and are easy to get into the small openings of brick packaging.

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