Consequences of Credit Coalinga CA

A credit expert shares a few tips, tools and techniques to support young adults in saving more, spending less, paying off their debt and becoming financially savvy.

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Consequences of Credit

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Understanding how to manage money, credit and debt is, in my opinion, one of the most important and lasting types of education you can get, and yet we're generally not taught these lessons in school, college, church or even at home. This leaves many of us to learn the hard way, about what's needed to become "responsible" with money.

Following are a few tips, tools and techniques that'll support you in saving more, spending less, paying off your debt and becoming financially savvy.


We've all felt the "pressure at the pump" as gas prices skyrocket north of $2 and in some states as much as $3 per gallon. To use less gas and save a few dollars, consider car-pooling to work and other areas you frequently go to. Or better yet, if and take public transportation when you can- especially if your car is just going to be parked anyway.

I know it might be tempting to apply for a gas card to "help" you cover the cost of soaring prices but before you say, "Fill ‘er up" consider this:

An average tank holds 14 gallons, at $2.67 per gallon you'll pay $37.38 -- now add the 23.9% interest that most gas cards charge and you're looking at spending $46.31. That's a $8.93 "helping" hand.


One of the most profound lessons I've learned about money is how deeply emotional it is. No matter how much I have of it when I enter a store, the urge to pull out plastic over cash still haunts me. Retailers, convenience stores and even fast food restaurants have clued in on this and are making it easier for us to say, "Charge it."...

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