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Christmas books with feasts and parties are a wonderful family tradition, and of course for these events you need Christmas treats.

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Christmas Cook Books

Christmas Cook Books:

Christmas books with feasts and parties are a wonderful family tradition, and of course for these events you need Christmas treats. Wither a small or large gathering of friends and family for a mingle served with Christmas Cookies book or a sit down Cozy Country Cookbook dinner, there are recipes that will have your friends coming back for more. These are a few of my favorite Christmas cookbooks. They have ideas for sitting the tables, trays, and decorations for large or small events or just for your family to let them know how special they are. In some of these books there is a section with stories written by people from all over that tell of their holiday memories or traditions, which can inspire others to begin their own new traditions.

A Special Place for Santa:

This is an excellent book that tells the origin and story of Santa Claus and his role at Christmas time. Many Christian parents have been concerned with the commercialization of Christmas and view Santa as its agent, which could take away from the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This book helps to tie the two together, by starting when Nicholas was a Bishop in Turkey to becoming a saint to his transformation to Santa Claus. This book is a wonderful way to remind your children of the importance of Christmas and to help them not to just want to receive gifts but also to give gifts which will warm their hearts for many years to come.

Twas the Night Before Christmas:

This was first published as a poem in 1823, it was submitted anonymously to the Sentinel paper. It was loved so much that it was reprinted many times. But it wasn't until 1844 that Clement Moore took credit for the poem. The poem is a story about a man who is awakened by the sound of Santa landing on his roof. He sneaks down and watches Santa go about his work of filling the stockings and putting presents under the tree. When Santa sees the man he smiles and nods and then up the chimney he goes. As Santa flies away he cries out Happy Christmas to all. In recent times the ending was changed to Merry Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas:

This is a classic children's book written by Dr. Seuss in 1957. We don't know the history of the Grinch, but we join the story with him living in a cave near the town of Whoville. The Grinch seems to like quit and solitude and hates Christmas time because the residents of Whoville celebrate it so loudly. So to put an end to the celebrations he steals the gifts and decorations, only to find that Christmas stills comes. Upon his heart growing to a much larger size he returns all the gifts and decorations and is welcomed in Whoville.

A Christmas Carol:

A Christmas Carol was the first of the five Christmas books written by Charles Dickens, it was published in 1843 and became a great success. The story has been done in plays and movies over the years and it has become a tradition to read or watch a rendition of it at Christmas time. It deals with themes which were dear to the heart of Dickens, poverty and social injustice. At its heart the story is a morality tale about Scrooge and the profound change he goes through in one night, from an old miser who hates everything but money, to a warm, charitable gentleman who keeps the spirit of Christmas in his heart throughout the whole year.

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