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Building Contractors are specialized class of individuals conversant with the construction techniques, laws and regulations, etc. They ensure smooth, timely operations and successful building of structures by taking charge of labors, materials, workers, and other matters concerning building projects.

Wardell Builders
649 Valley Ave Ste A
Solana Beach, CA
Custom Builder, Remodeler, Handyman
Membership Organizations
American Institute of Architects, American Society of Interior Designers, Better Business Bureau, BIA of Southern California, Build It Green, Builder 20 Club, EnergyStar, National Association of Home Builders

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Classic Illumination
2021 Alaska Packer Place #11
Alameda, CA

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AutoCell Electronics, Inc.
7311 Greenhaven Drive, Suite 266
Sacramento, CA

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0N Time On Budget Inc
(510) 601-6550
3088 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley, CA

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Precision Garage Door San Diego
27280 Via Industria
Temecula, CA

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Guzman-Mota Construction
(619) 238-0185
3907 imperial ave
San Diego, CA
Home Builders, Garage & Carport, Kitchen remodeling, Paving, Additions, Flooring, Windows, Drywall and Plaster, Fencing, Demolition, Framing, Plumbing, Concrete Foundations, Gas Piping, Electrical, Plaster & Stucco, Disability Alterations, Patios, Walks, Stone Walls, Concrete Flatwork, Sewer & Septic
Company Information
Years in Business : 10 Years
Languages Spoken : English, Spanish
Licensing Information
License # : No License Provided

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Mega Builders
(800) 310-6342
20953 Devonshire St. #2
Chatsworth, CA
Mold Remediation, Electrical, Demolition, Concrete Foundations, Bathroom remodeling, Cabinets, Lighting, Painting, Waterproofing, Surveyors & Engineers, Concrete Flatwork, Water Heaters & Tanks, Additions, Home Automation, Landscaping - garden, Multiple Room Renovation, Kitchen remodeling, Disability Alterations, Solar Energy, Tiling, FirePlaces, Decks & Porches, Swimming Pools, Plumbing, Architects & Designers, Disaster Restoration, Framing, Drywall and Plaster, Carpenters, Home Builders, Pl…
Service Types
Residential, Commercial
Company Information
Hours : 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM M,T,W,T,F
Years in Business : 23 Years
Languages Spoken : English, Spanish, Hebrew
Licensing Information
Bonded : Yes
General Liability Insurance : Yes
License # : 623980

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Natural Home Design Center
461 Sebastopol Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA

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S.E.A. Construction Inc.
1941 O'Farrell Street, Suite 101
San Mateo, CA
Remodeler, Designer / Architect, Custom Builder
Membership Organizations
2006 CotY Award, Building Performance Institute, Chrysalis Award, EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, National Kitchen and Bath Association, Professional Remodeler Best of the Best Design Award, Qualified Remodeler Master Design Award, Qualified Remodeler Top 500, Rebuilding Together, Remodelign Magazine - Remodeling 550

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Discover Flooring
1149 North La Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA

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Building Contractors And Related Services

Building Contractors are specialized class of individuals conversant with the construction techniques, laws and regulations, etc. They ensure smooth, timely operations and successful building of structures by taking charge of labors, materials, workers, and other matters concerning building projects.

Building Contractors are specialized group of individuals that are knowledgeable of the latest construction techniques, labors and materials, architectural blueprints, and construction laws and regulation. These professionals are hired when an institution or an individual is venturing into construction or reconstruction of a structure, residence, building, recreation center, or thoroughfare.

In the United States, the Department of Labor and Industry necessitates a specified academic attainment and maintaining of professional demeanor for building contractors, together with installers and roofers in order to acquire a license.

Consultation with a building contractor is imperative prior to embarking on a new building project. When the client and the contractor agree to each other’s terms, the transaction begins with the contractor creating a proposal and a written agreement that needs to be signed by both parties. The agreement states specific description of the project to be completed, an account of materials to be used, overall project price, and definite time as well as terms in case the contractor is not able to meet the targeted time. A thorough, open discussion with the contractor on concerns with regard to client’s project helps to guarantee smooth operations and successful building.

The building contractor carefully browses, studies, and understands the plans a client proposes. The contractors then put together the blueprints of the plans in order to qualify for specified building codes and regulations required by the State. Setting up for inspections of the construction project is also done by the building contractor.

The contractor estimates and computes the amount of building supplies and materials needed for the projects. He also has to either ask for quotations of these materials from building suppliers, or announce for biddings and will have to choose the best possible supplier with the lowest bid yet with quality materials. What’s more, the contractor also collaborates with financial organizations and legal representatives on concerns linking to contracts, advances, and loans for construction ventures. The contractor may be actually involved on some of the jobs in the constructions, too.

Most building contractors would normally organize and employ subcontractors to perform certain jobs like masonry, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, floor covering, landscaping, roofing, and the like to obtain more skilled workers that will help finish the construction within the allocated time and standards. Contractors are the ones to bargain the rates of the salary of the subcontractors, and for some particular set ups, pay for their salaries as well. Building contractors also do a great deal of monitoring and administration of the work of hired subcontractors to ensure timely and high standard of construction. The progress of the project basically depends on the expertise and supervision of the building contractors.

It’s ideal for a building contractor to provide references to his new clients so they can verify from the former clients if they were pleased with the contractor’s quality of performance and product.

Most building contractors work fairly and are of good reputation.

Nevertheless, there are a few deceitful individuals who may take advantage of clients. When searching for a building contractor, one should try to avoid contractors showing some of the following inclinations:

a. Aggressiveness with their transaction deals
b. Ask for large amount of down payment prior to constructing
c. Offering to do the project at a strangely cheap costing
d. Unwilling to supply trustworthy references
e. Unwilling to submit a written agreement

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