Bars And Clubs Lemoore CA

Local resource for bars and clubs in Lemoore. Includes detailed information on local bars, clubs, and lounges, as well as advice and content on restaurants that specialize in cocktails.

Granary Sports Bar
(559) 924-9811
700 N Lemoore Ave
Lemoore, CA
Granary Sports Bar - Known for its simple décor and good drinks, Granary Sports Bar is located at [Address]. Just make sure you dress up a little, as it's not quite the frat bar you're used to from college.

(559) 923-9900
5020 19 1/2 Ave
Riverdale, CA
Hub - Maybe you'll see Norm in the corner. Or Cliff sitting next to him. Maybe Sam behind the bar. Yep, Hub is that comfortable, cozy neighborhood bar - the kind where the bartender seems to know everyone who walks through the door.

(559) 582-0886
118 N Douty St
Hanford, CA
Huggys - It has it all: a swank atmosphere, attractive crowd, and cheap drinks. Okay, okay, so maybe it doesn't have cheap drinks, but Huggys is still a solid lounge. Not really a dance club, per se, but perfect more a more upscale option.

Jersey's Sport Bar & Grill
(559) 585-0123
113 Court St
Hanford, CA
Jersey's Sport Bar & Grill - Boasting excellent service and strong drinks, Jersey's Sport Bar & Grill, located at [Address], has a good crowd of regulars and a decent-looking clientele. As an added bonus, there's no cover, so this is a good place to hit without blowing your budget.

Sports Club
(559) 896-6616
2041 Whitson St
Selma, CA
Sports Club, located at [Address], has a smooth and chill vibe. It's not the kind of place where you'll be dancing on tables, but it's no dive bar, either. A good mix of laid-back décor and casual comfort. -Review of Sports Club

Adolfo's Silver Buckle Lounge
(559) 924-5055
Highway 41 & Bush
Lemoore, CA
Adolfo's Silver Buckle Lounge - Let's call it what it is. Adolfo's Silver Buckle Lounge, at [Address], is a good place to pull. The crowd is good looking and the ambiance is sexy, so if you can't meet someone here, well, keep drinking and try again. Liquid courage always helps. Look, we're not guaranteeing anything, but at Adolfo's Silver Buckle Lounge you should have plenty of options.

Lacey Inn
(559) 582-9977
889 E Lacey Blvd
Hanford, CA
Lacey Inn - There's not much to be said about the cocktails at [name]. They're not necessarily cheap, but they're as tasty as they are potent...a delicious and dangerous combination.

(559) 587-9695
129 W 5th St
Hanford, CA
Shorty's - Sometimes you just don't want to pay $12 for a drink. On those nights, head out to Shorty's, located at [Address]. And while they may be cheaper, they're definitely not weaker.

Vic's Place Bar & Grill
(559) 585-1142
8348 Lacey Blvd
Hanford, CA
Vic's Place Bar & Grill is the type of place you start off your night. The drinks are cheap and strong but the crowd isn't the type to get the party started. Grab a quick drink here and then head out to the real party. -Review of Vic's Place Bar & Grill

Sinbad Cafe Hooka Bar
(858) 866-6006
1050 Garnet Ave. Suite B
San Diego, CA