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Ring slings work through the use of dynamic tension. Basically, the baby's weight pulls, or puts tension on the cloth and this combined with the positioning of the rings locks the sling into place.

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Baby Slings

Baby Slings are becoming more and more in fashion these days. One type of sling is called the “Ring Sling.” These are baby slings that work through the use of dynamic tension, cloth and rings. Basically, a piece of cloth is sewn into two rings. The remainder of the cloth is then wrapped around the body from shoulder to opposing hip, around the back, up to the original shoulder again. As the loose end of cloth comes back to the shoulder, it is threaded through the rings to make kind of a buckle effect. The baby can be placed safely in the resulting sling.

Here is some interesting information about baby slings in the form of ring slings:

How A Ring Sling Holds Your Baby

Ring slings work through the use of dynamic tension. Basically, the baby's weight pulls, or puts tension on the cloth and this combined with the positioning of the rings locks the sling into place.

How To Adjust A Ring Sling

Because of the “buckle” effect of these baby slings, once put together, they can be adjusted for different sizes and shapes, allowing for different people to carry the baby in comfort. To adjust the sling, put the sling on and place the baby inside – supporting the child with one arm. While doing this, have a companion adjust the “buckle” from behind to a comfortable position for you. Pulling cloth through the ring will tighten the sling and letting fabric out will loosen it.

To Pad Or Not To Pad

Baby slings of this type can come padded or unpadded. Typically, you will find pads at the shoulder for greater carrying comfort and also in the sling itself, forming a type of seat for the baby. It boils down to individual taste as to whether or not you want pads on your ring sling or not.

Type Of Fabric Used

Baby slings can be made from all types of material. Ranging anywhere from cotton to silk and everything in between, baby slings can be as beautiful as they are functional. The most common fabrics used in the construction of these slings are homemade fabrics, twill or anything with not only good strength, but also a fair amount of diagonal “give.” Fabrics to avoid would be a very slippery fabric, as the baby needs to obviously be secure inside the sling without sliding out. Also, the material should not easily slide out of the rings. Finally, you want a fabric where strong stitching will hold the fabric in place without fear of fraying or tearing.

Ring Construction

Craft rings are strongly discouraged for baby slings, as they are not strong enough to hold this kind of weight in the long run and are prone to breakage. Rings that are ideal for this kind of carrier are aluminum marine rings or rings designed for heavy livestock. These types of rings are designed for much heavier weights and should not break with the daily use of your sling.

A well constructed ring sling can be both beautiful and functional for the new parent. These tips can help you when purchasing one, so that you know what is safe for you and your baby.

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