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With the numerous advantages of starting an online business, as opposed to an offline one, it should come as no surprise that plenty of success stories exist in this domain.

Blue Planet Studio, Inc.
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29377 El Presidio Lane
Menifee, CA
3D-modelling services, Brochure design services, Graphic design services, Multimedia design services, Web maintenance services ...

Belleci Designs
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340 Cumberland St
Pittsburg, CA
(858) 202-1822
10951 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 2c
San Diego, CA
Firm Size
Small (2-10 Employees)

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Nexus Riverside
4942 Arlington Ave
Riverside, CA
Illustration services, Logo design services, Multimedia design services, Real estate web design services, Web maintenance services ...

Web Camera Incorporated
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61 Jefferson St
San Francisco, CA
La Inter Web
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667 Alexander St Ste 6
Glendale, CA
Computer and Web design solutions
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652 oakmont ave.
Porterville, CA
Computers and Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Web Sites, Computer Cable and Wire Installation, Computer Networking Installation, Computer Networks
Payment Options
VISA, PayPal

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Courtney Rose Creative Services
(925) 318-1013
Antioch , CA
Full Steam Marketing & Design
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60 West Market Street
Salinas, CA
Firm Size
Medium (11-30 Employees)

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The Home Depot
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4000 Alameda Ave
Oakland, CA
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Advantages Of Working Online

With millions of people on the Internet now, there is an explosion of online businesses. This means that there will be both successes and failures, but that is characteristic of any type of businesses – Internet or offline. You may have heard stories of people, acquaintances even, who have made a lot of money working on the Internet. Some of them claim to not even have put any money down on their online business and working a few hours a day. True or false, take these stories with a pinch of salt, and be ready to work hard and put in the required amount of investment to make your online business a success.

However, starting an online business does have potential advantages to the owner as opposed to an offline one. The most common advantages are:

•Low start up costs – while the Internet is not necessarily the place for easy, quick riches with no effort, in many cases, the costs of start up can be low compared with brick and mortar businesses. Rent, maintenance, inventory and many other costs may be cut down or completely avoided. Sometimes just a few hundred, smart planning and a great business idea can get you started.

•Extensive marketing opportunities – There are a number of tactics and tools that Internet-based marketing affords – from SEO to affiliates and email marketing. Additionally, these marketing tools are easily accessible and generally much more cost effective than offline business marketing tools.

•Easy tracking of results – Something offline businesses spend a lot to achieve can be automatically and cheaply achieved by an online business. The simplicity of tracking preferences, tracing potential customers and access to contact information makes marketing and customer relationship management that much easier for an online business.

•Global reach – While an offline business may have no reach beyond a small local area, an online business is empowered by the Internet to achieve a global audience, much more economically. With the correct marketing, the online business can tap into a huge Internet audience for its products and services.

•Manage and transmit information – The Internet is a great way to manage incoming information and transmit information to present and potential customers and employees. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be posted on your website and these FAQs act as a 24 hour helpline for the small business. It’s a great way for online businesses to display changing information, receive customer feedback through remarks posted online, or display sound or video clips to help sell a product. And this is all done at a much lower cost than an offline business that offers these services would pay.

•Easy reach to local or specialized markets – The Internet offers the online business a cheap and easy way to connect to its local market. By linking to other local sites, an online business can drive local traffic to its site at a cost much lower than that of advertising in your town to create awareness. Access to specialized markets can also be achieved best by working through the Internet.

With the numerous advantages of starting an online business, as opposed to an offline one, it should come as no surprise that plenty of success stories exist in this domain.

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