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It has oft been stated that "First impressions are lasting impressions". So is it with job interviews and the employment interview screening process. Read on and learn how to dress properly in a job interview.

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About Job Interviews

It has oft been stated that “First impressions are lasting impressions”. So is it with job interviews and the employment interview screening process. Once a first impression is created it is more than difficult if not impossible to shake off or change those series of first impressions once created. It is as if you are being packaged for a sale – in this case the final product is yourself – looking for a successful job or employment posting.

If the whole packaging for an employment interview can be summarized in one sentence or phrase that is “To dress conservatively”. The perception, that is unless you demonstrate otherwise, is that you are what you appear. Interviewers, and indeed people in general, assume you are what you appear to be. How could it be otherwise? That is unless you tell or present information in another manner or direction.

For example if a person its going for a job interview in an industry where trust and the perception that the organization or actual employee is to be trusted – such as the banking or finance investment industries then not only is it important to appear clean, pressed and perfectly groomed but also to cover tattoos and not to appear at the interview wearing a baseball cap or scantily clad. Similarly if you are to interview for a job in the health care field – say at a pharmacy or nursing home then it may be a wise idea to not only to cover those tattoos but also remove or even lose your nose ring. You may perceive them as cool and great but that may not be the perceived reaction both by the interviewer and potential customers and clients. and those that you care for.

Most interviewers expect applicants overall to wear business like clothes when they apply for office or professional positions. For men and women often a conservative suit of quality fabric is generally both appropriate and acceptable in these interview and business situations. In the specific cases of women, a conservative tailored dress or coordinated skirt and blouse with a matching jacket is also more than acceptable and appropriate in these cases. It has been found, noted and documented that some of the times that women who wear slacks to an interview lower their overall chances of being hired. If you want the job, then why take the chances unnecessarily?

If possible and whenever possible, visit your target and targeted employer or employers to observe the working atmosphere, conditions and dress codes. It never hurts to check out, prepare and observe. It can be a simple walk through – as in the case of a retail store. It may be just to scout. Or it may be to ask simple information on a product or service. Nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong or illegal in this practice.

Even if you are spotted by the interviewer as having entertained this practice – it was just a matter of simple course and research to be merited and noted. You were doing good and thorough preparation to get the job. You want to fit in and be an asset to the firm or organization in order to become both a productive employee and full member of the team.

Lastly it can be said that even if the employer permits casual dress on the job, or for example “casual Fridays”, even in the banking field., that it never hurts to err on the side of conservative dress and caution, that it is best to demonstrate both initiative and enhance your personal image and presentation by dressing more formally for the most important business meeting – that is your job employment interview. Remember that it is first impressions that are lasting. It never hurts to err on the side of conservatism and the trusted, true and respected when it comes to projecting the package of the product. In this case the product is you trying to get that job, career or employment through the employment interview process. Be seen and presented as an employee who will be an asset to the firm – both responsible and reliable.

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